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What is a Money Block? Expert Tips with Clare Wood

April 06, 2021 Buzzsprout Season 2 Episode 47
The Blissful Space Podcast
What is a Money Block? Expert Tips with Clare Wood
The Blissful Space Podcast
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Show Notes

Ep 47. Today I’m chatting with the lovely Clare Wood, a business coach and a money mentor.  She’s a numbers nerd (a CPA), a wrangler of 2 boys, a drinker of wine, a gym junkie, a wanderluster and a podcaster with a reality TV addiction.  She loves empowering entrepreneurs to manage their money and make more money. 

We are talking all things money mindset, how to know when you have a money block, recognising these internal blocks that are created by the mind and stored by the body as a series of negative emotions, beliefs and events…

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